Why Choose Vinyl Windows Waldo FL?

Vinyl windows are a popular option for homeowners because they offer many benefits. They are more energy efficient than other types of windows, they’re easy to take care of and they add value to your home.

Double or triple pane vinyl windows can help you reduce your energy costs by keeping out cold air in winter and hot air during summer. They are also very insulating.

Energy Efficiency

Unlike aluminum or wood windows, vinyl is a natural thermal insulator. This means that it can keep the heat in during the winter and out of the house in the summer – thereby cutting down on your energy costs.

Additionally, they’re highly durable and require a minimal amount of maintenance. Just a quick wipe with a cloth or spray from the garden hose is all that’s needed to keep them looking brand new. They also won’t warp, bend or rust. And because the color is embedded in the PVC material, they never need repainting.

As an added benefit, JELD-WEN vinyl windows can be made with impact glass for protection against Category 5 hurricanes. This makes them a great choice for Florida homeowners. They can also be installed using the insert window installation method that preserves the existing frames of your home. This allows you to create a custom look and can help protect your house from termites and other Wood Destroying Insects (WDI). These are important features for those who live in Florida’s coastal communities.

Low Maintenance

Before vinyl windows came around homeowners had to constantly watch out for rotting due to rainwater or pests. When this happened the homeowner would have to replace them, oftentimes a difficult task that would require a lot of effort.

Unlike wood, vinyl is not susceptible to rot, so this made it easier for homeowners. This also meant that they didn’t have to spend a fortune on replacing them over and over again.

Vinyl also provides a good deal of insulation. This helps to keep warm air in during the winter and cool air in during the summer. This allows the heater and air conditioner to take a break, and it can save energy costs over time.

Lastly, vinyl is very low maintenance and can be cleaned with regular household cleaning solutions. This makes them an excellent choice for busy homeowners. They don’t need to be sanded or painted, so they can easily be cleaned and maintained over time.


Vinyl windows are a popular choice for homeowners because they offer a long lifespan, are easy to maintain and come in many different options. They also provide a good amount of insulation that can help lower your energy bills significantly.

Unlike wood or aluminum frames, vinyl windows won’t rust or corrode and can stand up to harsh weather conditions like heavy winds. In addition to this, they can’t be damaged by insects or wood-destroying organisms such as termites.

Originally created in Germany during World War II when natural resources were scarce, the first vinyl windows were designed with a polymer called PVC by Dr. Waldo Semon. He was looking for a synthetic alternative to rubber but ended up discovering the first PVC polymer, which eventually led to the creation of vinyl windows. They became a common option for homes after the war because they were inexpensive and easy to install. They also didn’t require the regular maintenance that wood and aluminum windows needed.


Our vinyl double hung windows are available in many shapes and sizes to suit the needs of your space. They provide energy efficiency that helps to lower your heating and cooling costs and are backed by an industry-leading warranty for complete peace of mind.

They are also available in double- and triple-pane options for even more improved energy performance and insulation. Double-pane windows feature an Argon gas fill for greater insulation, helping to keep heat inside during the winter and out during the summer, reducing your utility bills and energy consumption.

You can customize the appearance of your vinyl replacement windows by choosing from a selection of color options, grid styles and glass textures. You can also choose from an array of hardware finishes to coordinate with your existing décor.