Protect Your Home With Impact-Resistant Patio Doors

Patio doors are a beautiful way to bring in natural light and create a more open space. However, they can also be vulnerable to forceful blows from extreme weather. Protect your home and family with impact-resistant patio doors that meet Florida’s strict building codes.

Choosing the best patio door depends on your budget, style, and security needs. Opt for a hinged or bi-fold door that offers energy efficiency and sound control qualities.

Full-Frame Window Replacement

With full-frame window replacement, you get the opportunity to choose a different style or size window in place of an existing one. For example, you can replace a hard-to-reach double hung window above your kitchen sink with an easy-to-open awning window.

This method of window replacement requires that the existing frame and sash be removed, which allows for inspection of areas damaged by rot or weathering. It’s also recommended when the current window has trouble keeping its frame in a tight, secure position.

A full-frame replacement window can be a more expensive choice than pocket windows, but it offers the flexibility to change your style or add a new feature that you’ve always wanted. You can even opt for impact-resistant windows in Waldo FL to protect your home from severe weather conditions and glaring sunshine. These windows are designed with durable materials and high-performing finishes to withstand Florida’s intense temperatures, saltwater environments, and UV rays.

Retrofit Window Installation

If you’re looking to add new windows to your home without the expense of a full-frame replacement, consider retrofit window installation. This type of installation can enhance the appearance of your home and save you energy costs, too.

However, this option is only viable if the existing frames are in good condition. If they aren’t, moisture damage will quickly appear, and the result can be leaks or drafts.

A professional will assess your existing frames and determine if they’re suitable for a retrofit. If not, they’ll recommend a full frame replacement instead.

Once your new windows are installed, you’ll be able to enjoy the spacious view and mood-boosting natural light they offer. You can also choose impact rated options, durable materials, and finishes that are designed to stand up to Florida’s climate. Your installer will remove any old windows and frames, then add caulk to prepare the frame for the new window. They’ll make sure the window fits properly and use screws strategically placed to hold it in place.

Insert Window Installation

With insert replacement, only the window sash gets replaced and the existing frame remains intact. This method is less intrusive than full-frame replacement and may be appropriate if you don’t want to change the size of your residential windows in Waldo.

If you decide to go with insert installation, clear out the space around your current windows and remove any items within the frame. Next, use a tape measure to check the window opening’s squareness. Measure the width at three points: the top, middle, and bottom. Choose the shortest measurement, subtract 1/8 inch, and write this down.

Next, place the new insert window in the window opening and add a few wood or spray foam shims under it to keep it even with the surrounding trim and siding. You can also fill any empty spaces with insulation or wood putty, if needed. If you want to install casing or molding on the exterior, this can be done once your replacement windows are in place.

Full-Frame Door Replacement

A patio door is the most frequent entry point in your home, so it’s prone to wear and tear. If you’re seeing excessive gaps or cracks, it might be time to consider replacement.

Our Jeld Wen doors feature stylish finishes and smart finishing details for a refined look in your home. Choose from fiberglass, wood and steel options.

Sliding glass patio doors provide a spacious view of your backyard and flood your living areas with mood-boosting natural light. They also offer better energy efficiency compared to traditional hinged doors.

Euro-Wall Systems offers a range of impact sliding glass patio doors that are Florida product approved and Miami-Dade tested to resist high winds and wind blown debris.

Choose from a variety of single or double doors that include argon-filled and Low-E glass for energy efficiency, as well as operable blinds built between two panes of glass. Our fire-rated exterior doors are also a great choice for protecting your home from the elements and intruders.