Casement Windows Waldo FL

Casement windows Waldo FL

Unlike many other window styles, casement windows open wide via hand crank for enhanced ventilation. They also provide an expansive view of your home’s exterior. Costs vary by region, window size, frame type and brand.

Aluminum frames are economical. However, they are poor insulators in severe climates. Adding argon or krypton gas fill increases energy efficiency but also increases costs.

Easy to Operate

Unlike double-hung windows that have several points where air can enter the home, casement windows crank open on one side, creating a tight seal and providing the most ventilation. Their compact frames also allow for maximized glass area without causing visual obstructions.

They open using a hand crank, making them easy to access and ideal for hard-to-reach areas such as over sinks or in end placements of bay and bow windows. They also feature integrated locks for added security.

Depending on your budget, you can choose between single-pane or double-pane casement windows. Double-pane windows have two glass window panes separated by an argon or krypton gas fill to improve energy efficiency. Triple-pane casement windows offer even greater energy savings and soundproofing, but are generally the most expensive option. The frame material and brand you select will also impact cost, with fiberglass and vinyl being the most affordable. Labor costs will also vary by region and window size, so speak with your local replacement window contractor for specific pricing information catered to your project.

Enhanced Ventilation

Unlike double-hung and sliding windows, which can only open partway, Casement windows swing wide with the crank of a handle to let in natural light and fresh air. Their expansive opening provides superior ventilation without sacrificing sight lines or curb appeal.

Compared to other window types, casement windows offer the widest opening that’s easy to clean from inside your home. Plus, they feature a multi-point locking system to secure them at different points with one lever.

Whether they’re opened or closed, your Casement windows will enhance your home’s aesthetic with their sleek design and unobstructed views. Their wide-opening size lets in more sunlight to brighten rooms and help nearby houseplants soak up the sun. They also provide exceptional ventilation without letting drafts in, which can reduce your energy bills and improve your comfort. You can even pair them with other window styles and shapes in stunning combinations. Our versatile vinyl casement windows are available in multiple sizes and are backed by an industry-leading warranty.

Increased Security

In addition to their enhanced ventilation, casement windows are one of the most energy-efficient window designs on the market. They feature a tight seal to prevent air leaks and reduce energy bills. This is especially beneficial during the summer when a cool breeze can keep your home comfortable without increasing your energy bill.

Like doors, casement windows open outward to the side with a single crank of a handle. This allows them to open up more than other window styles, giving you expansive views and full ventilation. This window style is commonly installed above kitchen sinks where it’s easy to open and close them.

Many homeowners love casement windows for their unobstructed views. There are no sections separating the glass which can hinder your view, and unlike other windows on the market, they don’t require muntins. Moreover, their hardware is concealed within the frame and is harder to tamper with. This gives you and your family peace of mind knowing that your home is secure day in and day out.


For homeowners looking to increase energy efficiency and comfort, the Casement window is an excellent choice. They are hinged on either side and open outward with a simple crank of a handle, enabling fresh air to circulate through the home. Additionally, they offer full top to bottom ventilation – unlike sliding or double hung windows.

These windows are unobstructed by muntons (which are found on single and double hung windows) and are easy to operate. This makes them the ideal choice for hard-to-reach areas such as above sinks, in a finished basement or any other space that requires a versatile replacement window.

Choose HomeRite’s high-performing, low-maintenance Casement & Awning Windows to enjoy expansive views, natural light and full ventilation in your home. They are built from durable, high-performance materials and come with a Manufacturer’s Limited Lifetime Warranty to give you peace of mind for years to come.