Door Installation Cost – Waldo FL

Doors are a functional and decorative part of a home. They provide privacy, make a style statement, and increase the energy efficiency of your house. But, installing a door can be expensive. It may require drywall work or altering the flow of utilities, like plumbing and electrical wires.

The type of door you choose has a huge impact on the final cost. For instance, adding sidelights or a transom can add $1,000 to the total project cost.


When installing doors, you need a variety of materials. These can include hinges, doorknobs, hardware, and other decorative features. You also need a door frame, which can cost anywhere from $150 to $400, depending on the material. A security system can add up to $2,500 to the total project cost. Sidelights are slim windows installed next to the front door, which can add $500 or more to the cost of a standard installation.

The type of door will affect the cost, with composite doors being more expensive than solid wood doors. You can save money by choosing a hollow core door instead of a solid one, which has a slat system inside that looks similar to honeycomb.

Cutting the door into a brick wall costs $300 to $2,200, with higher prices for double doors or custom work. This includes labor and a permit fee. You also need to budget for drywall and other framing requirements.


Unless you’re an experienced handyperson, hiring professionals for the job will cost you. This is particularly true if the door is pre-hung or requires frame modification.

If you’re replacing an existing door in the same location, hiring a professional to hang a slab door is generally cheaper than framing and installing a new jamb. However, if the old door must be removed to make room for the new one, that adds to the total cost.

You’ll also pay more if you opt for additional features such as security systems, sidelights, or transom windows. For example, obscure glass is ideal for homeowners who prioritize privacy while tempered glass is four times as durable as regular glass. It’s important to consider these extra costs before finalizing your project. You can reduce the overall installation costs by opting for a retrofit window replacement or insert installation service instead of changing an entire opening. These services are less intrusive and can be carried out in just a few hours.

Installation Costs

Door installation is a major home upgrade and can increase your property value. The cost of a new door will vary depending on the style and material you choose. Interior doors are generally less expensive than exterior ones. You will also need to factor in the cost of removing the old door, if necessary. Additionally, if you need to replace the frame, this will add to the overall price.

Labor costs are another significant expense. A door installation professional charges between $30 and $90 per hour, depending on experience. The cost will also increase if you need to modify the existing frame, install a new drywall and reroute utility services.

Other important costs to consider include the type of hardware you select and whether or not it is included with your door purchase. For example, a keypad entry system is more expensive than a simple deadbolt and latch. You may also want to consider upgrades like smart locks or a more energy-efficient glass panel.

Final Cost

The cost of a door installation depends on the type and material, the size and location, whether framing needs to be done, and extra features like security systems or sidelights. Labor rates also vary by region.

A solid wood door costs more than a hollow core one because of the extra materials needed to make it structurally sound. Composite doors are a good choice for homeowners looking to reduce energy costs. They are made from several different materials and have an insulated core.

Replacing a door frame or jamb costs $250 on average. If the old frame needs to be removed and hauled away, that will add to the total cost. It is best to hire a professional for the job as it can involve framing and structural changes to load-bearing walls. The final cost will include the cost of the new door, installation, and hardware. It will not include any paint or staining costs.