Replace Your Entry Doors in Waldo FL

Waldo is a small town in North Central Florida with old Florida natural beauty and new opportunities waiting.

Fiberglass entry doors are sturdier and stronger than traditional wood doors, providing greater protection against intruders and able to stand up better to the harsh Florida weather conditions. They’re also energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing.


When it comes to replacing your front door, you want a model that is durable and will withstand inclement weather conditions. Our doors are built to withstand the harsh Florida sun and winds without becoming damaged or rotting over time.

FWDS offers a variety of durable models that are ideal for Florida homes, including fiberglass and steel. These materials offer unique benefits, such as security and energy efficiency. Wooden entry doors are a classic choice that adds warmth and charm to any home. However, they require regular maintenance to fend off moisture and rot.

Fiberglass is an excellent alternative to wooden doors, as it looks like wood but requires less upkeep and is more resistant to the elements. Additionally, it provides better insulation than other entry door materials and can help save you money on your energy bills during the summer months. These factors make it the most popular option amongst our customers. The specialized Durafuse coating also protects against scratches and dents, making it a long-lasting choice for your new front door.

Energy Efficiency

Many homeowners overlook the importance of a well-insulated door. It not only protects your home from outside elements but also keeps your energy bill low. This feature is especially important for Florida homes that experience high temperatures and humidity levels.

Choosing the right material is critical to ensure your entry doors are insulated and provide a solid barrier against unwanted air intruders. Fiberglass offers excellent insulation and resistance to outside moisture. The doors can be compression molded into various styles and are durable enough to resist the elements.

Wooden doors offer classic beauty but are susceptible to rot and weather damage. They require regular maintenance to keep their integrity. Fiberglass offers a stylish look without the need for maintenance and is an ideal choice for Florida homes.

If you want to maximize your energy efficiency, choose a door with dual- or triple-pane glass. This will help to reduce your heating and cooling bills.

Increased Curb Appeal

The front door of your home is the first thing people see, so it has a big job. Having a stylish, well-designed front door with windows can boost your curb appeal and help you make a great first impression. There are many ways to enhance your curb appeal with new doors including wood grain, wrought iron detail and window muntins (grids in the glass). A door flanked by windows can let in a lot of natural light and brighten up any entryway.

Save Money

If your entry door is showing signs of damage or if you have high energy bills, it may be time for a replacement. Wooden doors enhance the beauty of any exterior and create a welcoming ambiance, but they can also be susceptible to rot and weather elements. Fiberglass doors, on the other hand, are more durable and energy-efficient, and they can also deter unwanted intruders. Additionally, they are a safer option than inward-swinging doors because they have protected hinges that make it more difficult to remove the door from the frame.

While each material offers unique benefits, composite entry doors are a popular choice among homeowners because they combine the best attributes of each. Their thicker materials help to better insulate against hot temperatures outside in the summer, reducing your energy bills and keeping you more comfortable throughout the year. When shopping for a new entry door, be sure to consider the U-factor and Energy Star rating to ensure maximum efficiency for your home.